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New products using biomass vegan leather

The compact wallet "IVY" is an elegant finish with an elegant finish made from "Biomass Vegan Leather", which is a highly durable and outstanding texture.

The raw materials are used by up -cycle of "bamboo, shells, and apples", which were planned to be discarded, and can be "sustainable choice" while enjoying with the latest technology.

Commitment to materials -Environment -friendly new materials-

All materials adopted in IVY are the latest materials developed by up -cycle of materials that were to be discarded in Japan, which will also help solve social issues.
In addition, since it is carried out in Japan from the procurement of materials to production, the discharge of C02 is as low as possible.
It is a material that was realized over two and a half years due to the passion of a long -established material manufacturer who has been in business for over 70 years.


We use bamboo grove thinned wood from Tokushima. By using thinned bamboo, you can contribute to the solution to the abandoned bamboo grove problem ( *).
Bamboo also focused on the fact that the growth speed is fast, so there is a possibility of continuous supply as a raw material.
* Bamboo has high fertility and has a shallow root, so it erodes it around, which has a significant effect on the growth of other trees.


I use a squeezed scum of Fujinogi Juice in Aomori Prefecture, which is originally discarded.
Environmentally friendly initiatives are being implemented, such as using special machines that reduce CO2 emissions even at the production stage of raw materials.


During fishery processing, a large amount of shells are disposed of as industrial waste every day.
Among them, the caution shellfish is a large two -piece shellfish, so it is noteworthy that it is rich in processing.

For more information,Material development storyPlease refer to the.

・ Nihon Keizai Shimbun "Fumikoda, Bags with Bamboo Leather, Bags with Tokushima Companies"
・ Nikkei MJ "Animal skin is not used, petroleum system is also suppressed"
・ BS Yoshimoto "Oashiintoko / Post"
・ Oggi.jp Fashion special feature "triple -fold wallet that is neat in your pocket! Pay attention to the compact wallet of FUMIKODA using apples and shells"

Minimal and unisex design

A wallet designed in pursuit of "luxury that goes well with suits" and "functionality".
A simple appearance that can be used on or off, and does not choose the scene. The inside is a minimal and unisex design, while retaining capacity and function.

FUMIKODA's diversity design items support the diverse personality of each person without being caught by stereotyped types such as race, gender, age, occupation, and body shape, and support that everyone can shine at any time. To do.

Compact design with a smaller width than a business card holder

Smallness that fits smartly in the suit pocket.
It has a smooth and high -quality texture while maintaining durability and water resistance.

A margin capacity even if you put 15 coins and 8 bills

Please refer to the following video for the capacity.

Ideal material

Because it is easy to carry around and deteriorate, it has the true value of "Vegan Leather", which has an elegant texture and touch, but also has a surprising lightness and a strong durability for dirt and wet.

Flexible ethical

FUMIKODAVegan leatherteeth,
A luxurious texture that is completely different from PVC and synthetic leather,
It is a material of maid -in Japan that combines durability that is hard to deteriorate to animal leather.


Wear Japanese traditional beauty

Various various things that Japan can be proud of in the worldCraftAnd the craftsman's skill.

FUMIKODA is Made in Japan for all materials, parts and sewing.
We will share Japanese traditional skills and aesthetics to the world.


W9.5cm(広げたサイズ19.5cm)x D3.5cm x H7cm
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