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Although it is a simple design, it stands out elegantly in a variety of situations from business to luxury styles because it is based on brass polished by craftsmen and decorated with traditional Japanese crafts and other materials. It also comes in nine different colors and patterns, so you can enjoy layering them.

FUMIKODA has been supporting IT education for girls in orphanages in order to solve their employment problems. In order to continue our support, we will donate 10% of the sales of the accessories.

Delica beads are made of tiny glass beads from MIYUKI, a long-established bead manufacturer in Hiroshima Prefecture, with stitches woven by artisans. The world's highest quality MIYUKI beads are used in Giorgio Armani's haute couture dresses and other products, and their beautiful brilliance creates a gorgeous look.

Elegant layering.

Available in 9 different colors and patterns in Takaoka copperware, delica beads, and animal-free leather, each with a width of 1.5 cm and 3 cm, you can freely combine 18 different types and enjoy layering them.

Mysterious turquoise color

After 400 years of history, Takaoka copperware has been beautifully polished by Mr. Orii. The colors and patterns are never the same, so each product is a unique work of art.

Glass beads woven by craftsmen

MIYUKI" is a Japanese bead manufacturer. The delicate beads made in JAPAN, which are very popular among luxury brands around the world, shine with elegance and beauty.

High quality beauty created by Japan

FUMIKODA's animal-free leather has a moist touch, beautiful colors, and an elegant and gorgeous texture through original processing.

Wearing the Traditional Beauty of Japan

Japan is proud of its various traditional crafts and craftsmen's techniques.

All the materials, parts, and sewing of FUMIKODA are made in Japan.

We will continue to share Japan's traditional techniques and sense of beauty with the world.


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