DANNY: Ultra slim long wallet

Color: Sacks
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Ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin, unisex design smart long wallet.

Compact but not for a second wallet, it has enough capacity to be used as a main wallet.

It has a holder for business cards and an inside pocket for receipts and cards.

It can also hold a smart phone, so you can use it as both a phone and a wallet.

The ultimate in simple design, smooth and comfortable to use, and ample storage capacity, this is the new normal style wallet for the cashless era. This one comes in a refreshing sax blue color.

Since it is constantly carried around and easily deteriorates, the true value of "Animal Free Leather" is demonstrated with its elegant texture and feel that surpasses genuine leather, yet surprisingly light and durable enough to withstand dirt and wetness.

Surprisingly light

The lightness of the product is unimaginable from the outside. The moment you hold it, you'll think, "What? It's so light! You can't help but exclaim.

The bifold wallet weighs only about 35 grams. It is 1/3 the weight of a standard genuine leather wallet of the same size.

Unisex design that can be easily adapted to any occasion

With its simple, stylish, and sophisticated minimalist design, it fits in well with various scenes and fashions for both men and women, regardless of age, whether it is for on-time or off-time private use.

Compact but with great capacity

Despite its compact size, it has the minimum necessary capacity for both bifold and long wallets.

It has enough capacity to be used as a main wallet.


The two types of wallets, the bi-fold and the long wallet, have the same design and also come in a wide variety of colors. You can choose your favorite shape and color, or carry them together with the tote bags and backpacks we have released so far.

The bifold is the ultimate in compactness, while the long wallet is simple, yet ample.

The wallet is simple and compact, while maintaining the capacity for bills, cards and coins. It is a new normal style wallet for the cashless era with its ultimate simple design, smooth feel, and ample storage capacity.

Don't panic if you spill coffee or juice.

It is stain resistant and can be wiped off quickly if it gets dirty, even if you spill coffee or juice on it, it is easy to clean.

You can use it in the size and color that suits you best.

There are two types of wallets, a bi-fold and a long wallet, each in six different colors.

The bifold wallet holds four cards on the front and another card on the inside, and the coin purse has a flat zipper to reduce its thickness to the minimum.

A material that surpasses genuine leather wallets

The ultra-lightweight, ultra-slim, minimalist design requires high technology, which is why it is not mass-produced in a factory, but realized by Japanese craftsmen with highly skilled craftsmanship.

W18cm x H9.5cm
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