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Featuring a tortoise shell-like accent on the surface, the Ariana is an elegant over-the-shoulder bag that can hold all your work essentials such as a laptop and various mobile devices. The unique cellulose, the original material used for the surface accents, is made from Italian Mazzucheli cotton. This material is hand-polished and molded in Sabae City by Japanese luxury brand eyeglass craftsmen to give it a wet sheen and transparency.

Despite its compact appearance, it has a spacious main compartment and a padded stash pocket to protect the contents. Six rivets on the bottom allow it to stand on its own without losing its shape even when placed on the floor with a laptop.

The lining is made of deep purple suede and the body is made of non-animal leather, combining Japanese technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Surprisingly light

The most important thing for a work bag is to be light.

If your bag is heavy, you will get tired when commuting or going out, and your motivation to work will decrease.

FUMIKODA bags are made of artificial leather, a high-tech material created in Japan, and are surprisingly light.

The ARIANNA weighs only about 830g (excluding the cover), which is about 2/3 of a standard leather bag.

It will not hurt your shoulders and will not slip down.

If the handle digs into your shoulder, it can be painful and leave a mark.

It is also stressful to have to fix them over and over again when they slip off your shoulders.

ARIANNA's handles are cushiony and tubular, so they are easy on the shoulders.

Also, by changing the length of the front and back handles, it prevents the bag from slipping off your shoulders.

It is comfortable for your shoulders and allows you to concentrate on your work stress-free.

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Large and functional storage capacity

A4 envelopes can fit in it without folding the corners, and there is a cushioned sleeve that can hold a 13-inch computer or tablet.

There are pockets for smartphones, business card cases, cards, pens, and more.

You can also organize the contents of your bag neatly.

Compact appearance

Even if it has a large capacity that can hold A4 documents or a computer.

If the bag looks too big, it will not balance well with your body and clothes.

The ARIANNA is large enough to hold a 13-inch PC, but the ingenious face design makes it look so compact that it is hard to believe there is a PC inside.

It is so compact that it is hard to believe there is a PC inside.

Smooth in and out

When you visit, you can get what you need quickly.

When you leave the office, it's smart to be able to stow away unfolded documents, computers, cords, etc.

It's smart to be able to tuck them away quickly.

ARIANNA has a wide gusset and a wide opening of up to 45cm.

You can quickly and smoothly insert and remove documents and computers.

With stress-free access, you can work smart and behave elegantly.

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The bag won't fall over.

It is uncomfortable to worry about your bag falling over when you put it on your desk or the floor.

ARIANNA is designed to stand on its own without losing its shape or falling over even with a computer in it.

The bottom rivets are also six instead of the usual four to increase stability and at the same time keep the bottom clean even when placed directly on the floor.

You will be able to concentrate on your work without being distracted by your bag.

Don't be afraid to use white.

Since work bags are used every day, we are concerned about deterioration over time and dirt.

FUMIKODA's high quality man-made leather is stain resistant.

Even if it does get dirty, it can be easily removed, so you can use a white bag without worry.

If it gets dirty, you can wipe it off with a cloth moistened with neutral detergent.

Even in guerrilla rain

Bags made of animal leather are susceptible to water, so we hesitate to carry them on rainy days because we are worried about them.

FUMIKODA bags are made of high quality man-made leather, a high-tech material produced in Japan.

The bags are water resistant and can be used casually without the need for waterproofing spray.

Luxurious texture

Although the design is simple, the quality of the material is important to give it a sophisticated look and a sense of class.

FUMIKODA bags are made of high quality man-made leather with original processing.

FUMIKODA's bags are made of high-quality man-made leather that has been given an original treatment to achieve a moist touch, beautiful colors, and an elegant and gorgeous texture.

Replaceable cover

The cover can be removed with a snap and can be used as a tote bag.

You can keep the body as it is and not replace the contents.

You can also use the cover for other ARIANNA or MALLA bags.

You can also use the cover for other ARIANNA or MALLA.

Even the interior is elegant.

The interior is made of a deep purple suede-like fabric.

When you open the bag, you will feel a sense of luxury and elegant femininity.

Wearing the Traditional Beauty of Japan

Japan is proud of its various traditional crafts and craftsmen's techniques.

FUMIKODA's materials, parts, and sewing are all made in Japan.

Wearing Japanese traditional techniques and aesthetics, we will share them with the world.

World's Highest Standard: Sabae's Craftsmanship

Cotton cellulose, the material used in the Sabae series, is a traditional craft of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture.

The technique is of the highest standard in the world and is used in sunglasses for luxury brands.

Unlike mass-produced plastic, each product has a different expression and is polished by hand.

Polishing by hand creates a glossy, water-wet look and a translucent feel.

Mysterious Orii Blue

The mysterious turquoise metal used in the "Takaoka-Douki" series is made of Takaoka copperware.

It is a precious color created by Koji Orii, a traditional Japanese craftsman.

Mr. Orii applied the traditional technique of coloring copper using natural materials such as radish, bran, rice vinegar, and sake.

He has created a technique that can be used to color metal that is less than 1mm thin.

Since no two colors and patterns are the same, each product is a unique work of art.

Supple and Ethical

FUMIKODA does not use animal leather at all.

FUMIKODA uses "animal-free leather," which artificially reproduces the structure of animal leather.

We do not use any environmentally hazardous substances, carcinogens, or environmental hormones.

It is also an environmentally friendly material that is made with great care to avoid environmentally hazardous substances, carcinogens, and environmental hormones.

The parts that look like tortoiseshell or ivory used in the Sabae series are actually animal-free.

The parts used in the Sabae series, which look like tortoiseshell or ivory, are actually animal-free, and are not made of petroleum-based plastic, but cotton cellulose, which is derived from cotton.

It is a material that is gentle to both human skin and the environment, with few allergies.

FUMIKODA (Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon)
*Original high tech material
W15.0" x D6.5" x H9.8" (18.5")
W38cm x D17cm x H25cm (47cm)
BODY: 1.8lbs FLAP: 0.4lbs CHARM: 0.1lbs
BODY: 830g FLAP: 189g CHARM: 20g
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