SONIA: Smartphone Pouch

Color: White, Ivory
Quantity :

* Limited model (4 colors) will be sold at a limited number and special price.
Regular price: ¥ 33,000 (tax included) Limited number and special price: ¥ 28,000 (tax included).
This model will be sold as soon as it is sold, and regular price sales will start with the same standard of another color in October 2023.

It is an elegant and compact smartphone. Assuming that you can use it in the business scene, such as a meeting in -house, it is a texture and design that does not feel strange even when used according to suits.

A compact size with two smartphones perfect. The length can be adjusted with the strap, so you can use it smartly according to your height and clothes.

Tassel charm"Linda"When

Tassel charm"Linda mini"When

Can be arranged according to the scene

In the scene you want to enjoy femininely, you can combine it with FUMIKODA's separately sold items.
Tassel charm "Linda"Attach itSmartphone case "SHERYL"Put in your smartphone pouch MINI size tassel charmIt is also possible to attach it outside.

Beige artificial suede inside white x ivory, beige x saxophone

Beige x gold, black x python is purple artificial suede

Luxury that surpasses genuine leather

Uses domestic high -performance artificial leather adopted as the interior of luxury cars.
It is a texture that surpasses genuine leather. An artificial suede is used inside the main unit.
Gently wrap the items inside and do not hurt.

High water resistance and durability

The artificial leather used as a material is a completely different material from normal synthetic leather. Not only is it excellent in durability, but also high water resistance, and it is safe even in sudden rain.
In addition, it is easy to clean because it is hard to get dirty and can be wiped off immediately even if it gets dirty.
White collar can be used with confidence.

Commitment to Japanese made

From the manufacture of the material to the sewing, everything is implemented in Japan.
Since artificial leather sewing requires high technology, it is not a mass -produced factory, but with the cooperation of craftsmen with high domestic technical skills, we have realized commercialization.
You can realize the craft manship by a high Japanese craftsman.

W10cm x D2.5cm x H18cm
iPhone 15 Pro Max(6.7インチ)まで収納可能
本体:83g 本体+ショルダー:121g
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  • If you do not specify a delivery date, your order will be shipped within 3 business days.
  • Domestic delivery is by Kuroneko Yamato only.

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At FUMIKODA, we strive to ensure that our items are cherished by our customers for a long time, and for this reason, we have skilled craftsmen dedicated to handling repairs. We take great care during the repair process to maintain the original character of the product, considering the overall balance so as not to compromise its unique charm.

  • For customers who have purchased within 1 year:
    If any issues arise within 12 months of purchasing at the official retail price from an authorized dealer, we will gladly handle the repair free of charge.
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