ARIANNA II: Shoulder bag with flap (S)

Color: White, White
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It should be sophisticated, stylish, and classy, while avoiding any brand name, popularity, or fad. Above all, it should be light. It should have a large capacity and be able to hold A4 documents or a PC. It should be easy to take in and out.

It should be the best partner for working women in any situation, such as commuting, going out for business, having dinner, or on a business trip.

We recommend the ARIANNA series as the ideal women's work bag with all the attention paid to function, design, and quality.

The flap cover can be changed according to the coordination and scene. Flap cover "HANNA"

These bags are also produced domestically by Japanese craftsmen using eco-friendly man-made leather developed by superior Japanese production techniques and quality Japanese hardware.

FUMIKODA offers a lifestyle that takes into consideration animal protection and the global environment, without compromising on quality.

About the jute material: Since jute is a natural material, there may be individual differences in color.

However, please do not pull out the material that sticks out, but put it inside.

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Surprisingly light

The most important thing for a work bag is to be light.

If your bag is heavy, you will get tired when commuting or going out, and your motivation to work will decrease.

FUMIKODA bags are made of artificial leather, a high-tech material created in Japan, and are surprisingly light.

The ARIANNA weighs only about 830g (excluding the cover), which is about 2/3 of a standard leather bag.

It will not hurt your shoulders and will not slip down.

If the handle digs into your shoulder, it can be painful and leave a mark.

It is also stressful to have to fix them over and over again when they slip off your shoulders.

ARIANNA's handles are cushiony and tubular, so they are easy on the shoulders.

Also, by changing the length of the front and back handles, it prevents the bag from slipping off your shoulders.

It is comfortable for your shoulders and allows you to concentrate on your work stress-free.

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Large and functional storage capacity

A4 envelopes can fit in it without folding the corners, and there is a cushioned sleeve that can hold a 13-inch computer or tablet.

There are pockets for smartphones, business card cases, cards, pens, and more.

You can also organize the contents of your bag neatly.

Compact appearance

Even if it has a large capacity that can hold A4 documents or a computer.

If the bag looks too big, it will not balance well with your body and clothes.

The ARIANNA is large enough to hold a 13-inch PC, but the ingenious face design makes it look so compact that it is hard to believe there is a PC inside.

It is so compact that it is hard to believ