EDDY: 3WAY Multi Shoulder Bag (M)

Color: Ivory
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FUMIKODA (Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon)
*Original high tech material
W14.4" x D1" x H19.1" (22~34.2”)
W36.5cm × D2.5cm × H23cm(56〜87cm)
Strap: 74~135cm
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The multifunctional multi-bag is super lightweight, weighing about 1lbs, even though it can store laptops (up to 13 inches) and A4 size documents.

With a stylish design without a gusset, it can be used not only as a shoulder bag or a diagonal bag, but also as a clutch bag or bag-in-bag by removing the strap. 100% recycled nylon is used for the inner pocket.

EDDY is carefully made one by one in domestic workshops while sticking to Made in Japan and sustainability.

Casually and business

When using as an oblique bag, adjust the strap to a long time.
Remove the strap and use it as a clutch or bag-in-cap, with various scenes.

Just good, storage power

A4 size of the size of the size, as well as the laptop (13 inches) is just the size that you want to carry out the necessary items for remote work and in-house movements.
Inside pockets that can organize accessories, use thin and light 100% recycling nylon material.
It is useful when storing gadgets and smartphones.

Bag inbag

We emphasized the function as a "bag in bag" that had many requests.
Of course, you can organize the bags in the bag, but also when you carry out only valuables and carrying only valuables.
Light and durable Vegan leather is perfect for carrying it in the bag.

Straps can be adjusted in length

When used in diagonal use, it adjusts the strap a little shortage when using it as a shoulder bag.
It is also possible to remove the strap and use it as a document folder or clutch bag.

Everyone is easy to use

Multi-bags developed from the teenager to 80s, about 3,000 questionnaire results are a diversity conscious design that can be used regardless of gender, age, body shape, etc.

Ultra-lightweight that does not become stress

A simple design that pursues lightweight while using a lightweight Vegan leather than genuine leather.
I do not feel weight even if I put it in a bag and I don't feel weight.

Durability, water resistance

Because it uses a highly water resistant fabric, it is possible to use it with confidence even if it is a sudden rain.
It is difficult to get dirty, so you can wipe it immediately soon, so even if you spill coffee and juice, care is easy.

A sense of luxury surpassing a genuine leather bag

Use Vegan Leather Used in Luxury Cars Interior.
Leather that does not emit harmful substances even if it is burned, Lights, durability and water resistance are realized while being a soft and soft texture that surpassing genuine leather.

Commitment to Made in Japan

All the fabrics used for the bag and sewing are all made of Japan.
I am particular about the polite creation and quality height.

Slightly Ecical

The animal-free leather of Fumikoda is
PVC and synthetic leather are completely different
Luxury texture and
Durability that wins animal leather difficult to deteriorate
It is a material of Maid in Japan with a balanced.

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美加 伊藤

良かった点は 探し物をする回数が減ったこと、違うバッグで出かける時の入れ替えが楽になった事です。



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