East Side House Settlement

Karina Fong was first introduced to the East Side House Settlement organization through the New York International Auto Show Gala Preview. Every year, the evening before the auto show is opened to the public, a special Gala Preview is held. Its attendees are granted early access to the view the show and then benefactors can enjoy dinner and participate in a charity auction. For 17 years now this auction has donated its proceeds to the East Side House Settlement. Karina Fong was grateful to contribute alongside with such benefactors or high regard, to a cause that helps so many.

Established in 1891 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, East Side House Settlement remains one of New York City's oldest non-profit social service organizations. Since then, East Side House has moved to the South Bronx and continues to enrich, supplement, and enhance the public school system and place college within reach of motivated students. They provide services to families that allow them to pursue their education goals.

East Side House Settlement has an array of programs available for a range of ages. They not only provide day care for the young but programs for Senior Citizens and everyone in between. For elementary school aged children, there are several programs that partner with elementary schools to help enhance students' literacy and academic skills. There are also after school programs that offer tutoring, homework assistance, and an array of activities that help provide a well-rounded experience.

For middle School and high School students offer customized services and skill-building opportunities that lead to graduation and for high school students; college enrollment and/or employment. For high school students also have access to programs that prep for careers through paid internships and/or trade certification.

Adults in search of employment can partake in a program called Jobs-Plus which successfully helps people gain long-term positions and helps them learn to create financial stability. Participants receive coaching in the areas of employment, finance, and education.

With all of its resources, it's no wonder such a program is vital to so many families who struggle economically.

If you are interested in donating to East Side House Settlement please take a look at their site here.
**A special thank you to, East Side House Settlement, for caring for your neighbors and creating more positivity to this world.